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Fresno County is known as an ethnically diverse and vibrant place of the United States, and its strong agricultural sector functions as the state’s production center.

Its weather and topography are quite different from other areas in California, and some of the country’s most splendid natural vistas call the area around Fresno County home. However, there# is a lot more to learn about this exciting but very affordable destination in California.

Fresno started out as a small city, but it has bloomed into an alluring metropolis that draws people with great interest to agriculture from around the world. The metro area is bordered by Fresno County’s farms, which produce a range of organic foods such as almonds, pistachios, peaches, tomatoes, and many more.

The rich agronomy, plentiful wildlife, and broad acres of Fresno’s parks make them the most beautiful getaways from the stress of daily life. In there, guests are allowed to have a picnic while wrapped up in California’s most attractive scenery.

In the Northwest part of Fresno, you can find the Oso De Oro Lake Park. It is a stunning nine-acre park with a traditional California theme. As soon as guests enter from the entrance gate, visitors are welcomed by a beautiful Margaret Hudson California Grizzly Bear sculpture. The park’s features are displayed at three different elevations since it is genuinely an evacuated stormwater retention bowl.

On the upper street level tier, you can see picnic pavilions, kiddie play areas with swings. The middle tier has an open lawn play area and two informational mazes. The middle and the upper tiers also have extensive, gently sloped walkways.

Moreover, on the lower tier you will see a permanent lake that gives a stormwater image. Visitors can also see a fascinating sight of the aquatic habitat and wildlife in the observation docks over the lake. The park was opened in June 1995 and has received both National and State awards for the excellence in design and innovation.

The most efficient way to get around Fresno, CA is with a car. Even though there is public bus service all over the area, Fresno is a car-oriented city. However, the wide roads make biking and walking convenient as well.

The nearest airport that Fresno City has is the Fresno Yosemite International Airport. It caters to eight airlines that link to bigger airports like Los Angeles International Airport. Amtrak runs a regular schedule through its suburbs station, and Greyhound has a downtown bus terminal too.

Just so you know, across the street from the runway for the Fresno Yosemite International Airport stands a small neighborhood, and also the Addicott Elementary School.

Even with the regular rumble of air traffic, robust windows and doors help folks here sleep well, and some of their neighbors will receive a million dollars for them to get their sound-proofing.

This program is created by the Government which aims to provide money to individuals who live close to Fresno airport. The program lifted off in the late 1990s and assisted over 1,200 homes in getting new acoustically-treated windows and doors as well as attic insulation.

Addicott Elementary School and four other schools nearby received money too.

The noise exposure map sketches which are qualified. People living in the areas sketched in red, typically in the takeoff and landing zones are generally living the loudest.

With about a million dollars to be divided into 30 or 40 ways, homeowners can receive grants of $25,000 or even more.

However, the enhancement in the quality of life is incomparable and priceless. Somehow, this program has helped several residents living nearby the airport. Fresno Dumpster Rental Service is here to keep this city clean. Call us at 559-785-2567.